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Figure 1a. Ovality in Induction BendingOvality in Induction Bending Chart Graphic

Figure 1b. Thinning in Induction Bending
Thinning in Induction Bending Chart Graphic

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Indutech Canada LP offers the most complete range of pipe bending services available in Canada from a single source located in Calgary, Alberta.

Induction Bending PhotographOur INDUTECH bending service offers customers the induction bending of carbon, stainless and alloy steel pipes up to 36" (914 mm) in diameter, wall thicknesses to 4" (102 mm) and angles to 180°.

INDUTECH induction bending can be employed to manufacture a wide range of pipe sizes and bend configurations.

INDUTECH will be pleased to quote for induction bending work and to explain further the other Indutech services and products.

Design Benefits
INDUTECH induction bending enables pipe to be bent to large nonstandard radii economically and to high quality standards.

INDUTECH induction bending can produce multiple bends or combined bend-straight segments out of a single length of pipe (see Figure 2). This affords reduction of fabrication effort and in particular of welding and associated NDT requirements.

Quality Benefits
Reduction in fabrication and welding offers significant quality assurance advantages over the use of fittings.

The consistency and predictability of ovality and thinning inherent in the INDUTECH induction bending process (see Figure 1a and 1b) contributes to the total system quality and reliability. This has favoured its use in critical applications and with high value materials. Precise time and temperature controls during induction heating and cooling ensure that the pipe's physical properties are maintained or improved.

INDUTECH induction bending is carried out to high standards of quality assurance backed up by the resources of Indutech Canada LP technical and quality control departments.

Bends vs. Fittings
Advantages of bends vs. fittings include: lower installation cost, improved flow and redduced operating cost.

Figure 2 below illustrates the comparison between induction bending and conventional use of elbows on a typical pipework configuration.

INDUTECH Induction Bending:

Conventional Elbow Welding:

INDUTECH Induction Bending Conventional Elbow Welding

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