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NASPipe's International Experience

NASPipe is supplied worldwide and has been successfully used in a wide variety of challenging situations.

Examples of International customer applications are:

  • Pacific Power & Light co.,
    Centralia Plant, Washington, USA

  • Shi Dong Kou Power Station
    Shanghai, China

  • Occidental Chemicals
    White Springs, Florida, USA

  • Asturiana de Zinc SA
    Asturias Province, Spain

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd.
    Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

  • Loy Yang B Power Station
    Victoria, Australia

  • Tennessee Valley Authority
    Shawnee Plant, Kentucky, USA

  • Gordonstone Coal
    North Queensland, Australia

  • Falconbridge Limited
    Sudbury, Onatrio, Canada

  • Drakelow C Power Station
    Oxfordshire, England


ISO 9001.2000 Certified | ASME B31.3 Certified


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NASPipe is a tough, abrasion resistant, hardened steel piping system. Offsets, sweeps, elbows and fittings are made from the same tough base material.

NASPipe Product RangeNASPipe offers advantages similar to those of mild carbon steel pipe, such as flexibility in design and ease of fabrication. The monolithic structure of NASPipe facilitates ultrasonic measurement of wall thickness, and has a typical wear life on straight pipe of 4 to 6 times longer than conventional carbon steel pipe. Read more technical information here.

NASPipe is one of the most cost-effective pipes available in the industry today and is approved to ASME B31.11 Slurry Transportation Piping Systems.

NASPipe is manufactured from a special analysis steel in nominal pipe sizes from 2.5ins (73mm) to 24ins (610mm) and is available in up to 50ft (15m) lengths. A special heat treatment process produces a thick zone of 600 BHN on the inner surface of the pipe to provide NASPipe's wear-resistant properties. The softer outer surface adds to NASPipe's toughness.

NASPipe photo showing quench lineOur standard 20ft (6m) and 40ft (12m) lengths combined with hardened bends and tangents will reduce the number of joints in a system.

NASPipe will also accept many of the common coupling methods used for plain, mild steel pipe. Welded pipe joints utilize pipe with weld rings attached. The rings form a 'V' groove which receives a full penetration weld. When using Victualic® couplings, these are applied over weld rings, but the pipe can also be grooved for certain sizes and applications.

NASPipe is supported by application and product engineering staff who will be pleased to review particular customer requirements. We would be pleased to supply additional information and welcome your inquires.

NASPipe is ideal in situations where transportation of abrasive materials, economy in cost and weight, longevity and low flow resistance are indicated. It is also suitable for elevated temperature applications up to 230°C (446°F).

Point of installation fabrication is facilitated because NASPipe can be cut with an abrasive saw or plasma arc torch and welded using common low-hydrogen welding rods. Specifications for the necessary welding procedures are available upon request.

NASPipe gives excellent service in the following applications:

Power Generation

  • coal slurry transport
  • fly-ash systems
  • bottom ash disposal
  • pulverised fuel systems
  • dry scrubbers

Mining and Processing

  • tar sand transport
  • phosphate transport
  • process plants
  • preparation and cleaning plants
  • tailings and backfill lines

Dredging and Slurry Transport

  • onshore slurry transport
  • quarry product transport
  • delivery pipe lines

Other Industries

  • wood chip conveyance
  • foundry sand handling
  • cement conveyance
  • waste disposal

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